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Welcome to Tanks for Hire

The specialists in the storage of potable water/ diesel, waste water, self-containment bunds, temporary fence hire.

The aim at Tanks For Hire,is to supply tanks & pumps to help you achieve your objective in the best possible way. We can secure tanks to your vehicles, attach fanjets for dust control. What ever you need to do your job we will find a way to make it possible.

We have tanks in a variety of sizes from 400 Ltrs to 45,000 Ltrs & made of a range of materials for water or fuel. They are made of steel, fibre glass & poly All available for hire.

Miniature water tankers 1000 Ltrs to 5000 LTrs suitably equipped with pumps and hoses as required for the job in hand.

Things happening at Tanks For Hire

Last year we upgraded our drink fountains with a fibre glass base & new chrome taps. Water temperature has become an issue so we have insulated the pipes to retain the tank water temperature, plus installed esky Chillers to make the water even cooler.

We are now trailing submersible water pumps in 4500 Ltrs water tanks to reduce theft & damage. These smaller tanks have an application in some situations.

In 2012 we were asked to supply fire fighting units to the oil explanation company. Our choice was 7 H P Yanmah mine compliant,electric start diesel pumps with high pressure water pumps,800 Ltr poly water tanks,These came back with excellent reports.

Our 45,000 Ltr water tank was set up for a client with a 35 h p Lister engine & a 78 Lrs per second water pump to refill a dinosaur water tanker to help the shire build a new sports oval. This unit is now to be upgraded so that the driver can start & stop the pump remotely to be even more time efficient.